One comment on “Wisdom from our one of our Founding Fathers

  1. Greg,
    I really love this quote. I have found it to be true in my life. I don’t look for friendships easily ; just looking for them within my family. It usually takes a long time before I let anyone get to close to me. Especially in the Church. I could explain why but I think you can guess already. I realize that we are learning but their are just too many people who take the Gospel for granted and friendships too. A real friend makes a commitment to that friendship that will last throughout all Eternity. I can count, now, on two hands, those I can call my friends. Of Course, family is a different matter, I hope the Love we have for one another makes us always, true and committed to one another. Some in my life (family) have still a long way to go. Perhaps some of it is my fault and for that I take responsibility and will continue to try harder and are more thoughtful and Prayerful about these situations. Thank heavens for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I thank God every day for the Holy Ghost in my life. With Him and those gifts given me I would be an utter failure. All the good things and the successes in my life I owe to my Heavenly Father and His Son and The Holy Spirit. I am so grateful for them in my life. You are in my life again because of the consistency and answers to my prayers and my needs. I love you. Tell Mike hello for me. Jeriann

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