One comment on “Anthony West

  1. I have come to a conclusion after listening to Glen Beck as I was driving down the canyon for home yesterday. I now believe that regardless of all that has happened in our Nation, We really were not ready for a Black President. As events are now proving, most African Americans were only wanting revenge for their past. I can understand that, but I cannot understand that they have grown up with much hate. I know there a some who are not at all that way and their past circumstances have humbled them and there are some great Americans of the Black Culture. Sadly, Obama, is one of the ones who has been reared to get revenge. Way too many of our young people were lead down the garden path of pity and so their vote for Obama was trusting and innocent. Much in the same way that Germany fell for the Hitler regime.. Then it was everlastingly to late. Because I know the love that God has for this land I trust that He will save our Country. We will still see much destruction and pain of the American people before it is all over. Our Government will hang by a thread until those chosen men, through the Priesthood, will save our Country. But realizing that this Country was not ready for a Black President was such an eye opener for me. In forgetting God, our Country was easily swayed and this forgetting brought great pain and sorrow to our land.

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