One comment on “Colloidal Metals, pt. 1

  1. I have used it a few times in my life. Was introduced to it by a friend in Springville. It was very interesting to read about and I am tempted to start using it again. The last couple of days have been very hard for me. One of my twins took an antibiotic and didn’t drink enough water and the pill lodged in her esophagus and burnt a hole through it. I have been so worried about her and became very depressed. I looked on line for homeopathic healing for her. I was blessed to find some things to help her. She has not been able to eat for several days and drinking was also a nightmare because of the pain. She started on Aloe Vera juice to heal and protect the throat and a drop to suck on that also soothed the pain. When I read of the seriousness of this I was so scared. She has her own business and does not have health insurance and so refused the surgery option, which was the best option. This did not help my fear. But through searching and prayer and fasting I do believe that She is under the greatest Physician’s health plan. I am so grateful for answers to prayers and how I love Him. Anyway the reason I tell you all of this is when I was at my lowest and needed a friend to talk to you were the one I wanted to call. But I knew you were hurting enough without me causing you more pain so I held off. The Peace and blessings that have come have soothed my soul and brings me to wonder yet once again; why does He love me so much. My life is worthy because of His Touch. The words Gratitude and Thank You do not come close to expressing my devotion to Him. I am overjoyed that He is my Savior and I have the Heavens to Love and Bless me. It seems my prayers are answered so much now and in a way scares me. I don’t want to do anything that would stop this flood of love that blesses and protects my life. I love you Greg. You have added some beautiful goodness to my life and you were one of the answers to years of praying. Someday maybe, we can have a closer (in proximity) relationship. Maybe it is the miles that makes it so special right now. I just finished the Fire and the Covenant by Gerald Lund and I loved it. It is nearly 800 pages but one of the books that has made me so love and appreciate our pioneers. In it is the story of an elderly man who was sitting in a SS class and was listening to the disapproval of letting the Martin and Willie handcart companies come so late from Europe. Well, first of all, Brigham Young did not know they were coming. No Postal Services, only pony express and no phones…duh. … Anyway the gentlemen finally stood up and stopped the misinformation. One of the things he said touched me deeply. He said that he, while pushing his hand cart would look ahead and see a knoll or dry spot in the land and tell himself he could go that far and not another step farther.. He would get there and feel to drop to his knees but all of a sudden the cart was moving and he thought someone else was pushing him. As he looked back, he saw no one and he knew instantly that God’s Angels were helping him. He said, It was the most grueling, painful, suffering he ever knew, but he would do it over again to have that kind of close relationship with God and to know him that well.

    Who am I to complain? I feel embarrassed that I ever cry out in what I call unfairness. I just wanted to share this with you and let you know that I am grateful that you are the one I wanted to spend time with when my heart is hurting. I wish I had you close Greg and we had a few weeks to just sit and talk and share the things in my heart that I can share with no one else. With those of my daughters that I would share, they are to close to me and would want to heal or make things right. So I know if I could just sit and talk to you, you would listen with a heart of Love and whether you understood or not you would always give me the benefit of the doubt and love me regardless of how silly I might sound. Isn’t it interesting that I feel that close to you. Well my sweet brother, I love you. I hope you are doing as well as I feel you are from your blog. Give all my love and please plan a trip to stay with us. I will even change the sheets for you. hahaha. You know I would anyway but just thought I would throw that in to make you smile. Love you. Jeriann

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