One comment on ““no boots on the ground” Obama

  1. Update: I and others tried to post about the USS San Antonio with arrival of 300 Marines incident at other news organization websites, and have been blocked. Further, I just caught Reuters falsifying Comments at a new article about Syria. The article was just posted at about 11am today according to the date and time stamp on it. But the first 9 comments under that new article were written and posted about 12 hours earlier according to date and time stamp on each of them, most during the same minute. How can Comments under an article be posted 12 hours before the article was posted? Impossible. Someone wrote those 9 comments at least 12 hours earlier, perhaps for and under a different article, and then someone transplanted them to the new article, or the moderator switched out an earlier article for the new article and kept the first 9 comments of the original article. Either way, it is dishonest. Big Brother is now controlling some of the news organizations, or they are otherwise cooperating for self preservation, and are censoring or blocking comments. Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech is now in grave jeopardy. I believe Obama will ignore Congress and launch a ground invasion to try to find and capture the chemical weapons in Syria, repeating the history of the failed search for WMDs in Iraq. History is repeating itself. The main purpose of the design of the USS San Antonio is to deliver up to 800 Marines to spearhead a ground invasion. By the way, we are safe here at WordPress, which is standing against the NSA and government control. So far, Obama can’t stop us from posting what we want to post at our WordPress blogs.

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