One comment on “The US Constitution Was Inspired by God

  1. I love this. My heart is so full of these kinds of thoughts and I wonder how long before the people stand up and revolt against what is happening right now in our nation. Greg, I am so happy that I am looking at the end of my life on this earth. I tremble, knowing what kind of world my grand children will inherit. I can only wish that the coming of the Lord is close. I vacillate between anger and fear as I witness the collapse of our once mighty nation. Thanks for sharing with me. I just have to remind myself of the promises of my Patriarchal Blessing and it calms my heart once again.

    How are you doing? Please tell me a little of what is going on with you and your friend. We are in St. George, having arrived yesterday afternoon. Will be here for a couple of days. Then we will be going to our spot on the Colorado River, on the California side of the river, with a sandy beach and palm trees for November and December. Then we have a spot in Quartzite for January, Feb. and March. We decided to find places that are not so expensive this year.

    I was so glad to get out of the Cold and changing weather as my knees and old age is starting to hurt so much. I haven’t heard from you for a long time and it is time to write me a nice long email. okay? Will see Dave and some friends here in St. George. Love you. Jeriann

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