One comment on “Power Grid Down Drill To Be Conducted By US Government

  1. While it is unfathomable, irresponsible and just plain inhumane that the grid would be TAKEN down, Almost as bad is causing unwarrented concern. I strive to be a responsible voice in my posts. I am also not going to be silent when the situation warrents it. It is up to the people who read my words to act, or not according to their individual beliefs and circumstances. I believe there is alot to gain if anything goes wrong, and there is little harm done in preparation, JUST IN CASE. I hope that nothing is even noticed tomorrow, but, just like my daughter who had heard NOTHING about this, a majority of American citizens have no knowledge of this planned drill. Please tell me what harm there is in storing some extra food, water, batteries, prescription drugs, warm clothes, gloves and other life preserving necessities?

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